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Senior Technical Advisor for Costing and Finance Program Analyst

Washington, DC
Location: Washington, DC
Must be able to obtain a Moderate Risk Public Trust
Under the direction of the S/GAC Deputy Coordinator for Program Results and Impact Monitoring for Epidemic Control, the incumbent serves as a the Senior Technical Advisor for Costing and Finance Program Analyst on the Program Efficiency Team in the Program Results and Impact Monitoring for Epidemic Control unit of the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Health Diplomacy (S/GAC). The Program Results and Impact Monitoring for Epidemic Control unit of S/GAC is responsible for leading, coordinating, and managing the collection and analysis of several data streams for the purpose of monitoring progress on epidemic control.
Collectively, the data streams of interest include program monitoring data, epidemiologic data, surveillance data, evaluation findings, quality data, cost data and expenditure data. Program Results and Impact Monitoring for Epidemic Control also leads the advancement of health information systems. The unit serves as a policy and programmatic resource for a variety of issues relevant to the success of country programs to use strategic information to inform and improve programs. This requires successfully liaising across teams and units within S/GAC including the Financial and Programmatic Sustainability and Budget Development and Execution teams, as well as across U.S. government agencies and country and multilateral partners.
The incumbent will work on the Program Efficiency Team and coordinate data stream collection and analyses related to costing, budgeting, and financing of PEPFAR program implementation. Tasks are targeted on ensuring efficient and sustainable implementation of PEPFAR's HIV/AIDS interventions in order to deliver an AIDS-free generation in a manner that is transparent, accountable, and impactful. The incumbent serves as a Senior Technical Advisor for Costing and Finance Program Analyst to the Team Lead and Deputy Coordinator for Program Results and Impact Monitoring for Epidemic Control. Strong coordination and analytic skills are required.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
  • Advise and assist in the coordination of the duties of approximately 8 analysts, developers and project managers who support the costing, budgeting, and financing of HIV/AIDS interventions associated with the implementation of PEPFAR. These activities occur in support of the development, review, and approval and oversight of the annual interagency strategies and budgets for the PEPFAR country and regional programs.
  • Advise on financial data analytics efforts for PEPFAR program financial data, including the development of new financial dossiers, new financial data sets and reports that inform funding decisions for both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Play a key role in the development, approval, and implementation of three of the required data collection tools for the annual PEPFAR country operation plan process, including the country budgeting tool, the FAST, the Supply Plan Tool, and the Table 6 Above Site tool.  For all tools, advise regarding generation of requirements for developers, ensure execution of requirements in tools and provide technical support throughout COP. 

  • Advise on decision making related to budgets, expenditures, and costing of HIV/AIDS interventions.
  • Advise the team of analysts who serve as Costing and Finance Program Analyst to a portfolio of designated PEPFAR countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and/or Latin America/Caribbean Region (exact number will vary).
  • Coordinate efforts to engage all stakeholders and foster an inclusive approach to PEPFAR's financial data gathering and data use by engaging with Agency Counterparts, Other S/GAC Financial Teams, PEPFAR's Strategic Information Team, ICPI, and others.
  • Initiate and coordinate efforts to organize all PEPFAR financial data in a singular financial data base.  Bring together various data sets and financial data streams into one location, and make data base widely accessible throughout PEPFAR, in accordance with PEPFAR's goals of transparency, accountability and oversight.

  • Provide expertise and guidance on the collection, review and analysis of implementing partner work plans, which are collected by S/GAC in order to ensure the accuracy of the strategic direction of PEPFAR partners.  Coordinate and advise regarding the collection of over 1,000 work plans in two different PEPFAR systems (DATIM and SharePoint), generate the criteria for the S/GAC review of the work plans, develop the template for the budget portion of the work plan, and create a visualization dossier to allow for the analysis of the work plan budget by country chairs and PPMs.

  • Establish processes, requirements and key outcomes for the operational plan update process as it relates to budget data and modifications to the funding allocation to strategy tool (FAST).  Generate systems-requirements and advise regarding the implementation of these requirements through collaboration with developers.
  • Provide strategic guidance, training, and analysis tools to PEPFAR Program Managers, Chairs, and field country teams, to assist in the formulation, review and monitoring of country budgets for PEPFAR implementation and in the collection and analysis of expenditure data, as received through the Expenditure Reporting (ER) process. Work closely with country teams to ensure quality and integrity of data used to report on progress toward achieving epidemic control, to understand financial data and provide accountability for PEPFAR resources.
  • Generate requirements in collaboration with the Management and Budget Team for the annual planning for development of the PEPFAR Headquarters Operational Plan.
  • Drive the analysis of HIV-related economic and budget data to inform PEPFAR programmatic and policy decisions through the generation of analysis tools, reports, presentations and visualizations.
  • In collaboration with the Office of Financial and Programmatic Sustainability and Management and Budget, generate guidance and policy statements associated with planning and budgeting, resource tracking, costing, and cost-effectiveness studies.
  • Provide guidance to PEPFAR country teams and technical working groups in the implementation of HIV-related economic evaluations and cost analyses.
  • Act as data steward for various PEPFAR financial data streams and liaise with the S/GAC data management team to ensure to quality and integrity of PEPFAR financial data by ensuring the implementation of best practices of data management.

  • Monitor the PEPFAR Expenditure Reporting (ER) process in collaboration with the Office of Financial and Programmatic Sustainability, including advising on all online systems components related to expenditure reporting and establishing the program requirements in accordance with program needs. Generate and disseminate all training materials, guidance and instructions documents related to the process for implementing partners, agency users, and chairs and PPMs.​
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Required Skills:
Master's in Finance, Economics, Business, Public Health, Epidemiology, or related fields
Minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience
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