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Travel Officer (Temp)

Washington, DC
Location Washington, DC
Must be able to obtain a Moderate Risk Public Trust
Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Serves as a Travel Officer in the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, providing advice and assistance to the S/GAC Executive Director in the execution of this major function in this management official’s assigned portfolio of roles and responsibilities.
• Provides advice and assistance regarding official travel to members of the S/GAC staff, which includes both Foreign Service and Civil Service “direct hire” employees, detailees from other Executive Branch departments and agencies, and contractors. Advice encompasses such travel questions, issues or concerns as authorized allowances for temporary duty at locations outside the commuting area of the primary work site, per diem rates and appropriate miscellaneous expenses. Researches Federal Travel Regulations (FTR), Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) and the regulations from the employee’s parent department or agency to answer any issue or concern related to temporary duty or a permanent change of station to an overseas location.
• Identifies and develops for the S/GAC Executive Director the intra-office policies, instructions, processes and procedures that address all aspects of business-related travel from the initial request through its completion, ensuring their compliance with Department and/or “S” specialized requirements. Stays abreast of any changes in the requirements for official travel from outside the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, proactively initiating changes in S/GAC policies, instructions, processes and procedures.
• Conducts the review, as a Travel Officer in the S/GAC organization, of all impending requirements for mission-related travel (approximately 200 trips per year) to ensure that the itinerary proposed by the member of the staff or the assigned Program Support Officer reflects the most advantageous route and economical fare to the U.S. Government (USG). When necessary as a result of research, recommends an alternative itinerary that will reduce cost and/or the amount of time for the traveler to reach his/her destination. Reviews and processes the official travel orders, ensuring the correct fund citation and authorization by the appropriate supervisory or management official(s).
• Examines and authenticates for payment (or returns for revision when necessary) on behalf of the S/GAC Executive Director vouchers submitted by USG travelers for business expenses incurred during official, previously approved travel. The review answers, but is not limited to, such questions as: Are expenses for a rental car, lodging and other claims of a miscellaneous nature reasonable or within the normal limits? Is the exchange rate information for international travel noted and converted to U.S. dollars? Does the traveler have a hard copy receipt for any expense at or above the current threshold requirement?
• Develops and cultivates a network of mutually supportive working contacts, at a minimum, with embassies for those nations where the USG has substantial bilateral and regional HIV/AIDS programs and there is a visa requirement for entry into their country. Working within the Department framework for contact with foreign government embassies, liaises with their designated representatives to exchange information and to establish a process and/or procedure that will lead to the timely granting of a visa for on-site visits by members of the S/GAC staff.
• Compiles and prepares regular and recurring (i.e., quarterly) and special reports and other documentary material (e.g., trip worksheets) related to the travel by the S/GAC staff. Provides advice and assistance in the development and preparation of exhibits, charts and other narrative and statistical material associated with the travel costs in the implementation and management of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
• Schedules and conducts periodic training sessions whose objective is to instruct or remind members of the staff regarding the Department and S/GAC policies, processes and procedures for such topics as the approval of official travel requests; the action that should be taken following the completion of travel and return to the primary work site; and the time limit to initiate the submission of the travel voucher.
• Serves as the S/GAC coordinator for the Official Travel Credit Card Program. Monitors the use of all travel credit cards issued to members of the staff to ensure that all expenses are official. When improper usage or discrepancies are discovered, uses independent judgment in recommending corrective action(s) to the appropriate management or supervisory official.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

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