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Program Support Specialist Must have an Active Secret Clearance

Washington, DC
Location: Arlington, VA
Must have a Secret clearance
This position is in the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), Construction, Facility and Security Management Directorate (CFSM), Office of Security Management (SM), Security Operations Division (SOD), Program Support Branch (PSB).  SM is responsible for incorporating appropriate security measures into all OBO project designs for United States diplomatic facilities; initiating preventive steps to deter physical and technical penetration during construction and ensuring completed projects provide reasonable protection against mob violence, technical attacks, and terrorism; and providing Site Security Managers (SSMs), Cleared American Guards (CAGs) and Construction Security Technicians (CSTs) at construction sites; and procuring, storing, shipping, installing,
maintaining, repatriating, and disposing of construction security technical equipment (CSTE). SOD is responsible for oversight and funding of compound security programs; Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) Maintenance and Repair (M&R); and the construction
security of projects involving the Controlled Access Areas (CAA) or public access areas in accordance with Public Law 100-204. PSB is responsible for Security personnel assignments and training, budget, financial and contract/grant support, and tasker management.
The contractor performs diverse and complex assignments under minimal supervision, with considerable freedom to make independent judgments and decisions and to assume full technical responsibility for assignments. The work is specifically planned and designed to provide increasing challenges to the contractor who serves as a Program Support Specialist, responsible for performing program planning, programming, and evaluation functions in support of the program administered by SM.
As a Program Support Specialist assigned to the Program Support Branch of
OBO/CFSM/SM/SOD, the contractor performs a range of analytical and coordinative duties associated with the planning, resource management, and implementation that support SM programs domestically and overseas. In furtherance of these responsibilities, the contractor performs tasks and assignments that typically include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Advises and assists SM managers in the effective use of SM resources, analyzes SM operations and controls; drafts, coordinates, and initiates approval of long-term goals, policies, and procedures for this program office;
  • Assesses the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of program operations; analyzes and resolves staffing problems; improves the efficiency of administrative management support and staff activities; and performs monthly reviews of local and domestic staffing patterns with the Office Director, Division Chiefs, and Branch Chief;
  • Researches and analyzes information from various sources and develops recommendations on proposed courses of action; conducts program reviews of services and practices; evaluates program planning; conducts a wide-range of related analytical and administrative assignments that support the execution of SM programs and goals, and drafts and recommends policies, standards, and procedures;
  • Conducts projects and studies designed to assess, analyze, improve, and enhance SM's operational effectiveness as issues are not always susceptible to direct observation and analysis and information can be incomplete; considers the information needs, interests, and level of detail needed to satisfy a wide variety of user requirements at different levels; crosschecks and interprets data provided by managers to obtain accurate, relevant information; adapts techniques and methods to obtain accurate, meaningful, and relevant information on which to form conclusions and recommendations that give appropriate consideration to uncertainties about data and other variables which impact long-range program performance;
  • Plans, develops, organizes, coordinates, and conducts various projects and studies related to SM's security and management operations and controls to ensure that resources are employed effectively, securely, economically, and within legal and administrative constraints; interacts with all levels within SM, OBO, and the Department; independently writes internal policies and instructions and provides technical guidance and advice to managers; coordinates, verifies, analyzes data, makes recommendations, resolves critical problems, foresees pros and cons of alternative solutions, and presents recommendations that may serve as the basis for changes in SM operations and programs; improves operations and administrative support activities and affects the plans, goals, and effectiveness of missions and programs;
  • Develops spreadsheets for inclusion in analytical reports and studies that support SM program plans and goals, reflecting overall program status and trends; identifies information and sources for which there is recurring need and develops data gathering methodologies and techniques; analyzes these to determine which might be appropriate for computer applications and works with OBO/IRM to arrange needed programming support;
  • Establishes criteria to measure and/or predict the achievement of SM program objectives and ensure compliance with Departmental goals and OBO performance measures;
  • Reviews, analyzes, and interprets current and proposed policies and directives, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and criteria to assess the impact of changes on OBO policies and procedures and makes recommendations to strengthen Departmental policies and regulations and to ensure that they do not conflict with applicable laws and directives; reviews results of operations within the five SM branches, and drafts reports and/or justifications for senior managers; and prepares and actively participates in briefings and presentations to managers, including findings and recommendations;
  • Serves as SM's Alternate Unit Security Officer (AUSO) in coordination with the SM Unit Security Officer (USO) in executing security initiatives; supports OBO's overall security program and shares in SM's security program responsibilities such as conducting internal security reviews, resolving security incidents, coordinating with Communications Technology Officers, and developing SM's Security Program Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Partners with the SM Director and PSB Branch Chief in researching, identifying, resolving apparent conflicts and inconsistencies within SM's program management policies and procedures, facilitates implementation of required changes; and maintains and identifies improvements in tracking systems for monitoring actions related to satisfaction and program effectiveness surveys; and
  • Performs additional assignments, studies, and special projects pertaining to administrative management functions and the processes assigned.
  • Mastery of a wide-range of analytical and evaluative techniques and methodologies for program planning, and for the assessment of program effectiveness and the improvement of complex and diverse operations, programs, services, systems, and processes.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the full-range of administrative laws, policies, regulations, and precedents applicable to the administration and management of mission-critical security management programs; and extensive knowledge of OS's Principal Duties of a Unit Security Officer A Guidebook found at
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the program goals, objectives, and activities of the Department, Bureau, Directorate, and Office, to enable long-range planning and projection of OBO resource requirements, including staffing levels.
  • Thorough knowledge of the sequence and timing of key program events and milestones; and the methods of evaluating the worth of program accomplishments.
  • Skill in planning, organizing, and directing team study work and in negotiating effectively with senior managers to accept and implement recommendations where the proposals involve substantial agency resources, require extensive changes in established procedures, and may conflict with the desires of the managers in the activity studied.
  • Oral and written communication skills enough to brief managers, make presentations, and prepare a variety of written materials, including reports, analyses, correspondence, and position papers, as well as interpersonal skills in persuasively presenting recommendations and negotiating solutions to disputed proposals with managers and staff throughout OBO and with contractor personnel.
  • Ability to meet short, ever-changing, and compressed suspense dates.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook; and OBO elements and an understanding of their functions and interrelationships.
  • Knowledge of Departmental policies, regulations, and procedures to assess the operational managerial, and organizational implications of activities, identify additional sources, and ensure that recommendations are attainable given current and projected resource levels.
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